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Rock-it Board Exercise For Over 50

Updated: Apr 19

Enjoy the freedom and fun of low impact movement.

Personal Trainer in Christchurch balancing on upturned Rock-it board

I have an over 50's gym in Christchurch, where as a personal trainer, I started using rock-it boards in 2020. I designed and started classes, small group classes, to improve balance, flexibility and concentration for the over 50's.

Exercise should be all about getting together, having fun, and some laughs. I enjoyed introducing a different type of exercise, fitness classes more focused on whole of body-integrated movement.

Small group Rock-it classes run in Christchurch City, Amberley and Online

Group rock-it board classes in Christchurch and online

Rock-it board has been made to specific measurements in relation to the human body and hence it is a very natural piece of equipment to use. In fact, all of the different exercises that you may do at a gym, those repetitive exercises that your personal trainer gives you, are much more fun on a Rock-it board!

Why Exercise When You're Over 50?

Here's what will happen when you do my Rock-it workouts:

· Improve your balance & stability;

· activate and exercise hips ankles and knees all at the same time;

· improve focus - switch on your brain, as you have to stay present;

· greatly enhance your concentration - you're exercising, moving and paying attention at the same time, so that you can stay on the board;

· relieve stress or anxiety - step on the board and feel the 'Zen';

· helps improve your sleep;

· corrects your posture immediately you step on the board.

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Exercise To Prevent Knee And Hip Replacements

Many people over 40 start to take supplements for their joints, or may start to take medications, or even pain killing injections - these are passive actions to keep joints flexible.

Movement And Exercise Are Important To Be Fit And Healthy

In fact movement and regular exercise are on of the most important activity or to keep us healthy, and our joints. So active prevention actions are more effective than the passive actions of supplements and pills! Hips, knees and ankle mobility, flexibility and range of motion (ROM) exercise help to prevent such results as osteoarthritis, knee and hip replacements.

"Think about all of the different exercises and movements that you do at any other gym, even one as specially designed for the over 50s? It has nothing on Charlie's rock-it board workout"

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If you presently do exercises at other gyms or with other trainers but also at the same time your brain has to make continual, adjustments not only in your balance perception but also to ensure that your hips, knees and ankles are informed about the complex movements you are doing.

When you regularly exercise on a rock-it board, the constant adjustments to your continual movement involves something called neuroplasticity, effectively rewiring in the brain. This re-wiring and increasing neurons (brain cells) is going to improve your overall movement, flexibility and balance as well as your general health and wellness. When you join a group or work one-on-one with Charlie in a personal training session not only having fun but you are socialising at the same time.

Fitness Equipment For 'Fit Over 50' in Christchurch

Perhaps it's not surprising that this beautiful piece of fitness equipment is so suitable for over 50's, like Charlie and Jean who run 50 Plus Fitness in Riccarton, was designed and marketed by a another couple also over 50!

Annie and Dave first made this versatile, excessively sturdy board in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
Rock-it resistance board to improve balance

Weight capacity: 160 Kg

Inverted rock-it board to used to challenge your balance at group classes in Christchurch private gym

Weight capacity: 140 kg

Beautiful Exercise Equipment In The Living Room

Often when we buy a piece of exercise equipment, it ends up in a cupboard or collecting dust in the garage.

"This beautiful multilayered durable fitness equipment - it can grace any modern decor!"

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Charlie runs a private fitness studio in Christchurch, also in Amberley and online New Zealand where he works with clients over 50 to move more, to improve their health.

For more information about 50 Plus Fitness click here

Information and ideas expressed on this page are those of the author and should not replace advice from health professional more information about 50 Plus Fitness.

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