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Imagine a Gym for Over 50's

front of the over 50's gym
Private Gym for over 50's

Here are some of my ideas - Charlie from 50 plus fitness in Christchurch

Well, the music wouldn't be so loud. We listened to too much loud music when we were younger, now most of us have our own background music-"tinnitus"!

most people would be larger than they used to be, though generally not with muscle but something else which I won't name.

Movement around the gym would be slower, though not so fluid.

Pumping iron and gym machines are not the fashion in this over 50s gym. It's more about moving your body in as many different ways as you want to, bend, stretch, or reach or sometimes will try and touch your toes.

Rocking, Yes we can still go rocking but nowadays it on a stationary rockit board to help us rediscover the balance of our youth. Just like me, you will be able to do the tree pose on the inverted rockit board.

Tree pose on a Rockit Board
Balance is a key element of exercise

It looks hard now, but you can rely on me to get you to that place. You will feel so good!

Our over 50s Gym has its own newsletter "The Gap News", as this gym cares about fitness for 50-64-year-olds. No one else does except the doctor who wants to put us on pills.

Read articles  about health and fitness
The Gap News newsletter

Now this over 50's gym, has no black depressing decor on the walls, no machines, the glass paneled gym that has that certain, empty atmosphere is too old for that sort of stuff. But too young for community hall groups and the dreaded chair exercises. I want to wait a few more decades for those chair exercise

Sorry, we have no bins of dodgy questionable protein supplements as our muscles are shrinking not rippling. We recommend protein through health natural foods.

Our health and wellness advice from doctors is here is a prescription "take a pill". We don't need pills for blood pressure, for cholesterol, for diabetes because pills create chronic diseases and side effects.

Fitness and movement makes us healthy.- click here

This Is What We Don't Want

commercial gyms not good for over 50s
Overcrowded Gym

Here's What We Do Want?

Sincere greeting and smiles, really wanting to know "how are you?"

Charlie, that's me, the personal Trainer won't see 60 again, so he's no competition. He is also collecting visceral fat like the rest of us.

Weight loss at over 50s gym is a lifestyle change, we had enough of yo-yo dieting that we have found out to our detriment, only makes us fatter. So instead of losing weight over the years we gain weight instead. This extra weight makes us feel tired, is hard on all of our joints and we certainly can't move in all the directions of body should be able to move.

Flexibility, fun and fitness is what we need and what you get at Charlie's fitness studio-the friendly smiling trainer who is determined to get us moving at his over 50s gym.

No mirrors: no machines: no judgement.

Meet Charlie - Personal Trainer in Christchurch

As a Personal Trainer, my philosophy is simple, the best way to lead a healthy life is to move.

Just the simple act of being physically active is a step towards making a difference.

Therefore "Movement For Health" is my catch phrases or motto, in this world of technology we tend to be stuck in front of computers, phones and iPads/ Tablets.

Don't worry if you don't live in Christchurch like the rest of the world meet Charlie online.

Using a Rockit Board to help with balance and blood circulation
Charlie Online

Personal one-on-one training where you have your own program of fitness that can also include healthy eating and planning to living longer and living healthier - just plain enjoying life!

Get a couple of friends to join you for a regular online group training.

Join the Rock-it Board online training group twice a week for 30 minutes


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