Fitness Studio


A friendly studio, not a gym & no mirrors

 We have a private studio 

  • If you find exercising difficult to get started or

  • prefer that no-one can judge you, nor

  • comment or notice how you look AND no mirror on the wall.

We have fun equipment to use in the studio:

Rockit Boards

Hula Hoops

Swiss Ball

Resistance Bands

Nordic Walking Poles

Yoga mats, straps and blocks


Does this sound familiar, I have had few exercise machines that I've bought over the years, they spend more time gathering dust in the garage and only occasionally get used in January when I decide once again to fight the flab and the ageing process!

Having spoken to friends, both men and women I'm not alone, we realise that to be fit and healthy when we are the age of our parents, now is the time for action.

My lovely wife will kick me out of bed to go for a cycle ride, which I really enjoy, as I'm not to good at self-motivating and I even mutter early in the morning "I'll go tomorrow".


Jean, my wife, will also admit that she needs to go to yoga or Zumba more often and as she works with chronic pain and anxiety on a daily basis she can fully argue the case for regular exercise.

So my answer is to make my work my exercise and I want you to join me.

So Here's the Plan!

Next - Functional Exercise

Functional exercise is the key to healthy life and movement, so there are no fixed machines in our studio.

Fixed machines help build up muscle in a static, aligned way in one exact movement, so you are training a muscle, or a small group of muscles to work in a particular way. 

Fixed machines are of no benefit for functional everyday movement, balance and flexibility.

At my place I have some basic equipment, such as resistance bands, free weights but most exercises are "holistic" that is using the whole of your body to teach the muscles to work together in harmony for strength, flexibility and balance.

Finally - ongoing support from your coach

You are not on your own - my wife tells me I'm great at nagging - so I'll be keeping in touch with you outside your training times, helping to improve your NEAT and to help you find or rediscover activities outside the studio that you enjoy and bring more regular exercise into your daily life.