Change your life

Change your Weight 


Join us at 50 Plus Fitness Studio if you want to be a different shape, feel well, healthy and happy.

You will get information, techniques and knowledge

to introduce into your everyday routines with the aim

to lose weight over 12 weeks.

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Good Information

Learn the fundamentals of the good information provided by Jean, qualified Naturopath, Kinesiologist and Yoga teacher, and Charlie the Exercise and Movement coach.

What is included?

We have created a 12 week, many faceted programme to educate, provide fundamental advice and support to change your body composition.

Elements of the course:

  • Eating and Nutrition

  • Movement and exercise

  • Overcoming mental hurdles and emotional blocks that make weight loss a challenge

  • Importance of psychology and your thoughts 

  • The need to reduce stress and anxiety

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Food Delivery

Private Sessions 

The challenges of losing weight are complicated. Charlie know's how difficult this can be, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sometimes, working with just you and your coach is what you need.


Phone Charlie

021 083 08104

The Good 

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The Bad

Traditional Australian Meat Pies