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Rock-it Board Classes

Christchurch, Amberley &On Line


Tuesday's at 5.30pm
Thursday's at 10.30am

Leithfield Beach - near Amberley

Friday's at 1pm


 Tuesdays at 4.30pm or 7pm

Rockit Board Classes

Small class size of 6 people maximum

Boards provided

As I have had a lot of interest in the Rockit board classes, I have decided to running the classes on a continuous basis to make it more accessible to people. They will also suit small social or work groups as fun events.


Having had enquiries from Rangiora, Amberley, Kaiapoi and Waikuku has encouraged me to run classes in Leithfield Beach where I have a property and there is a community hall there for me to run classes.


In these classes you will learn techniques to improve your balance, coordination, fitness.

Balance is essential at all ages and more so as we get older. The rock-it board is a low impact and fun way of helping to improve your balance, core strength, lower body muscle groups, and flexibility.

You will be amazed how soothing the rocking motion can be and you'll feel your muscles working without building up a sweat, but still have the opportunity to challenge yourself using light weights, resistance bands, practice yoga poses, and experiencing Tai Chi movements to help with the rhythmic rocking movement of the board..


And best of all we'll have FUN getting fit.

Fun Classes
Suitable for all ages and abilities

"This is so relaxing, I noticed that it works my leg muscles and makes me stand up straight": Isabella

I have been running these Rockit Board Classes for the past 3.5 years to help people :

  • improve their balance and 

  • build their confidence to stand on an unstable platform

  • while having FUN

  • The low impact rocking provides a soothing and relaxing feel

  • and  at the same time engage their muscles, simply by standing on the board.

  • learn how to coordinate your arms and legs to give a whole body workout to your level of intensity

  • work on your core muscles, leg muscles, back muscles while you rock forward and back or side to side.

  • helps with back pain and posture

  • strengthen those weak knee and ankle joints with this low impact exercise board


Hi I’m Charlie

I specialise in Movement and Balance

As a personal trainer we are constantly updated about new equipment and how they can benefits various exercises. To me one of the most important things is being able to move without limitations and also keeping our balance.  


Simply standing on the board I could feel my muscles engage. Yes it felt wobbly although, at the same time strangely soothing? . At 64 years of age I know my balance is great, and has improved with the constant use of the Rock-it Boards.



"I suffer from lower back problems, and by rocking on the board it feels soothing, and relaxing. Nothing like I thought it would do." :  Denise


Good coordination can enhance your ability in everyday activities. Prevent injuries and help you stay more effective as you age.


The standard metrics of cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility all matter, it pays to focus some attention on how you coordinate movement.



Flexibility is an important aspect of your health. Tight muscles can cause problems all over your body.

  • Can you touch your toes?

  • As you become older your muscles will lose strength and size and become stiff and less agile.

  • Stretching at least two to three days per week will help you become more flexible


‘After two of Charlie's Rock-it Board classes I’ve found my balance had improved by my 2nd class. Looking forward to continued improvement in balance and core strength.’


Strength training for your muscles

  • increases bone density

  • reduces the risk of fractures 

  • helps joints stay flexible

  • makes you stronger and fitter

Squat with weight.jpeg


Surprise yourself how quickly your balance improves and reflexes are sharper.

Two weeks ago these rocketeers would have thought it "too hard"

Amazing exercise for your ankles, knees and hips!


My First Encounter With Rock-it Boards

​It was the ROCK-IT Board company, their interactive display was amazing. As a personal trainer you get to see many different types of exercise equipment, but I thought these rock-it boards had something unique. Simply standing on the board I could feel my muscles engage. Yes it felt wobbly although, at the same time strangely soothing? What an interesting piece of gym equipment? 


Consequently, I ended up buying 2 boards for my 50 plus fitness gym that day. Then 2 boards became 8 boards and that became the start of my Rock-it board journey from running low impact classes and also using rock-it boards for my one-on-one personal training in Christchurch.

Dave and Annie.jpg

There’s an interesting story to the discovery of Rock-it boards. We had only recently moved to Christchurch, and by happenstance we had free tickets to the Green Expo at the Airforce Museum, As you do at these shows, Jean and I quietly meandered around the stalls checking out offers and what bargains we could get. At one time we got stuck, not moving, due to people crowding around the food stalls. Looking around one stall in particular caught my attention.

Working with Dave and Annie, who invented this gym equipment, the  resistance board was my suggestion that Dave created the following year. The resistance board is definitely my favourite piece of equipment as it’s so versatile!


 Classes paid every

4 weeks for $80

Rockit Board Class

 Great way to improve your balance

  • learn basic techniques on how to use the board

  • learn to move and keep your balance while rocking 

  • build your confidence and enjoy the rocking motion

  • use multiple muscle groups at the same time.

  • test your coordination, balance and flexibility

  • Learn Cardio and strength moves. 

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