Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a form of fitness walking using specially designed poles and a learned technique to produce a low impact, high results, total body workout. The poles serve as a resistance exercise for the upper body, thus Nordic Walking increases cardio output, burns more calories and activates more muscles compared to normal walking. Originating from Scandinavia and the sport of cross country skiing.

Who can do Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. From high intensity cross training for sports people, to recreational fitness, to chronic condition management or rehabilitation therapy. Nordic Walking is suitable for all

Health and Fitness benefits

When performed correctly Nordic Walking:

- activates 90% of the body's muscles

- burns up to 46% more calories compared to regular walking

- gives up to 25% grater cardiovascular workout than regular walking

- decreases load and impact to joints of the lower body

- offers a more intense workout but with less perceived exertion

- strengthens and tones upper back, shoulders and arms

- increases lateral mobility of the spine

- develops core stability and strength

- improve co-ordination and balance

- promotes an upright and improved walking posture

- releases pain and tension in the neck and shoulders

- reduces swelling in hands

- provides assistance & increases walking confidence


Initial training session at studio or North Hagley park - depending on fitness level & movement requirements

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