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Rock-it Boards available in Christchurch

Rock-it Super Moon 2.png

Rock-it Super Moon


This sporty stylish board offers the greatest capacity for exercising and balancing. Considerably longer and heavier than the Middle Moon with greater "swing" .

The most appropriate  board for yoga if that's your focus, and now used in rock-fit classes.

Weight limit as rocking board 160kg 

Weight limit inverted 120 kg


Rock-it Super Moon.png
Rock-it Office.png

Rock-it Office

New improved design includes cork bottom surface. Purpose built for your workplace.  Use at standing desks.

This sturdy & compact board has been designed specifically for use in your office. Perfect to use at a standing desk , providing motion while you work.

Weight limit as rocking board 150 kg

Weight limit inverted 120kg

Rock-it Office 2.png



Rock-it Resistance


This is the Super Moon with a new and exciting addition. Grooves on each end enable those who want to add resistance work into their fitness program can easily do so, using resistance bands.

Weight limit as a rocking board 160 kg

Weight limit inverted is 140kg



Resistance Bands


Resistance Bands

Light or Medium Strength 



Resistance Tube Bands & anchor 

Light or Medium Strength 


Resistance Band- Reynold Resistance.png

Fitness Equipment and Nutritionals


We have no gym machines, just simple equipment you can use at home and in many cases using your own body weight to challenge, tone and strengthen your muscles.

In our shop we have some items for sale to help reach your goals including:

  • small weights, bands, etc.

  • basic supplements such as good qualify magnesium and zinc

  • flower essences that are great for those stressful times in our lives or when we need a bit of extra confidence or happiness.

  • rock-it boards

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