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Exercise Coaching: One-on-One

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Why do people need a personal trainer?


There can be many reasons:

  • It can be a way of refocussing their fitness regimen.

  • If you are not seeing the results you expected from your training there would be a reason for it.

  • Maybe you don't know where to start.

  • Are you getting bored with the same routine.

  • Learn new exercises that challenge you.

  • Want to learn how to exercise on your own.

  • How to exercise safely.

  • make you accountable.

Sessions/ workouts are tailored to suit each individual, they will take into consideration your movement patterns. The type of exercises you like doing, what are your short and long term goals and are they achievable.


Get in Touch with Charlie for your next workout Today

Rocket Board Personal Training

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Rock-it Board


  1. Balance Strength & Mobility

  2. Great way to get fit

  3. Improve your balance

  4. Improve flexibility in your ankles

  5. Strengthen your core muscles

  6. Keep brain challenged - connect those new neurons!

  7. Have fun while you rock

  8. Build your confidence

Specialised Training for Health Issues

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Decades of research and various studies involving thousands of have shown that workouts lower the risk of heart disease. 


We can write up exercise programs specific to your needs that will suit your goals.

Each person is unique, so that means no person is the same. We will prescribe exercises that you like to do as it is counter intuitive to give you something you will not like.

If you have a certain goal to achieve then why not get in contact with Charlie to have chat about it.

Nordic Walking Holistic Training


Nordic Walking is a form of fitness walking using specially designed poles and a learned technique to produce a low impact, high results, total body workout.


The poles serve as a resistance exercise for the upper body, thus Nordic Walking increases cardio output, burns more calories and activates more muscles compared to normal walking.


Originating from Scandinavia and the sport of cross country skiing.

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