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50's Fitness Class in Christchurch

Join an Exercise Class in Christchurch?

It’s a fun small group fitness class – composed of elements that my regular clients enjoy that’s I’ve put together for low impact, workout at your own fitness level.

Moving in a fun way – incorporate simple everyday movements, but you’ll get a great weekly workout.

As we age we’ve almost forgotten how to move?


  • We move easily and fluidly in our 20’3 and 30’s 

  • As we move through our 40’s we become more sedentary in the way we move.

  • In our 50’s your job description or career has changed – promoted to sitting down?

Is This You?

Very active with exercise, sports, and active hobbies in 20’3 and 30’s loved to move, enjoyed doing exercise.


Focus became my family not myself


Now it’s Time for you to look after you!

Not it’s time to think of yourself – have fun, do amazing exercises, socialise with like-mined people who know it’s time to look after your health.


I don’t like gyms anymore

  • Don’t like lyrca

  • Don’t like mirrors 

  • it seems all about body image 

  • not about being healthy, well and fit.

  • The equipment seems complicated

My Fit Over 50 Christchurch Studio


My place isn’t overcrowded and overwhelmed with machines – black machines and black décor are intimidating – my fitness studio has more aesthetically pleasing surrounds that are cheerful, relaxed and calming.

Christchurch Training Timetable

Price list .png

"I feel safe and not being judged when I'm exercising in Charlie's place"

Rockit Class

Take that first step to be fit over 50

Get rid of stiffness and be more flexible before you finding it hard to touch your toes and tie your shoe laces


Feeling restricted in your moving


Bring back flexibility back into your fingers, and wrists


Improve your body awareness


Relive your youth and bring some fun back into fitness

The real key to exercise is to build confidence, and understand how to move efficiently

Hi I’m Charlie - your fitness instructor

Group Exercising is Fun

My fondest memories have always been around Group exercise classes. They are great to meet very interesting people who have a similar interest to you.

I've been to Martial Arts, Zumba, Ballroom dancing, and Yoga Classes. I can honestly say I have learnt a lot of new things, they have challenged me to remember movements I thought were beyond my ability.

They are good to do with a partner, friend or by yourself.

Fitness Trainer - Christchurch.png

"I like being shown an alternative way of doing an exercise as it makes me feel I have achieved something"

Body weight exercises

Body Weight exercises

Rockit Plank

Rockit Boards

Group exercise


These small classes are all about being able to move in an unrestricted way. The aim is to improve the range of motion through with simple fluid movements that free up and strengthen the muscles around the joints.

There are many reasons why we find it hard to move and unfortunately it's the lack of movement that causes the problem. Remember when you were young, you could do many things and you had no care in the world, if you couldn't do something you tried and tried until you achieved it and you didn't give up.

Some of the activities we do may seem simple until you start doing them.

Take for instance bouncing and catching a ball, this requires hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness and sometimes becomes a cardio workout trying to retrieve it.

There is a mixture of Rockit Board exercises to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and posture. Taichi movements on the board while rocking to get the brain stimulated.

Circuit training to improve strength and cardio with Resistance bands, Swiss ball, Broom sticks, Hula Hoops (for Fun), body weight exercises, and Rope Flow.

Physical Activities are meant to be FUN and Regula

Rope Flow

A new fitness trend that is fast gaining traction in the fitness industry. It is part jump rope, part dancing, and is a great mobility exercise that promotes rhythm, timing, and coordination between the left and right brain.


Casual Rate $30 per session

$80 for  4 Weeks - ( 1 class each week)

Fitness Classes at Leithfield Beach

Well this is a new venue for me by having classes at the Leithfield Beach Community Hall. Some people may say that's a long way out of town. Not really when you have a property in the community.

It my chance to offer fitness classes to the village without the long distances of travelling.

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