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Join Me In this mini Master Class

These online classes are great for people who have bought a Rockit board, but need ideas on how they can use it. These simple ideas will hopefully give you methods to play with your Rockit Board. How you use the board is only limited by your imagination.

Think outside the square, and anything you can do while standing on the ground can be done on the board. Its. not just about rocking sideways or lengthways, but more about finding ways to help with movement, balance, flexibility, mobility, posture, relaxation and many more ideas. 

Sign Up for a free 15 minute introduction for the Online Rockit Board class. 

By signing up you will then be sent a zoom link.

Then join me for a longer session of 30 minutes on Tuesday at 7pm

Personal Trainer in Christchurch

As a Personal Trainer in Christchurch I get to use a multitude of equipment and for me I find the Rockit Board is a great piece of equipment that helps with:

  • Flexibility,

  • Coordination,

  • Mobility

  • Posture

  • and Fun.

My First Encounter with Rockit Boards

I had only recently moved to Christchurch, and visited the Green Expo at the Airforce Museum. The Rockit Board stall in particular caught my eye and interest, they had an interactive display where you could play on these boards.

As a personal trainer I could feel multiple muscle groups engaging just by standing on it. Yes it was wobbly to start off with but once you became accustomed to the rocking you could start to compensate for the movement. 

I ended up buying 2 boards for my studio which was the beginning my Rockit board journey, then 2 boards became 8 boards and that became the start of my Rockit board classes. 

There are no hard and fast rules about using the Rockit Board, just let your body and mind control what you do, you will need to concentrate and focus on your movements.


Yes it can be great for exercise, relaxation, balance and coordination.

Plus I use it for Tai Chi movements as well, imagine how creative you can become you can dance and practice yoga, it has no limits. 

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