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Group Fitness Classes and Courses Christchurch

Looking to join an exercise class in Christchurch?

These classes bring together people from all walks of life to train in a friendly environment in my private studio gym near central Christchurch. I help build your confidence in not only movement, balance and flexibility but also to gain an understanding of how correct movement impacts health and wellness.

I think I'm one of the unique personal trainers in Christchurch, not only over 50 myself, have a small private gym and I find the best way for people to have fun while getting fit in small group classes.

List of Fitness Classes below - 4 weeks  duration 

  1. Nordic walking in Christchurch

  2. 50's Fitness Classes 

  3. Rock-it Board Classes on Zoom

Here's what people share about my personal training.

"I like being shown an alternative way of doing an exercise as it makes me feel I have achieved something"

"I feel safe and not being judged when I'm exercising in Charlie's place"

"I like being shown an alternative way of doing an exercise as it makes me feel I have achieved something"

50's Fitness Classes 


Circuit training for the whole body

  • work at your own pace

  • train with like minded people

  • Come alone or bring a friend

  • train weekly 

  • for more information

This class will be a continuous  throughout the year, simply pay for the class in 4 week blocks.


Rockit Board Class  online


Fun way to improve your balance:

  • learn how to use the balance board

  • move your hands and legs while keeping your balance and rocking 

  • build your confidence and enjoy the rocking motion

  • test your coordination, balance and flexibility


Nordic Walking Class 

When performed correctly Nordic Walking:

  • activates 90% of the body's muscles

  • strengthens and tones upper back, shoulders and arms

  • develops core stability and strength

  • improve co-ordination and balance

  • promotes an upright and improved walking posture

  • releases pain and tension in the neck and shoulders


Weight Loss class 

6 or 12 week classes

  • Eating and Nutrition

  • Movement and exercise

  • Importance of psychology and your thoughts 

  • With weekly group catch ups.

  • Discuss any difficulties encountered over the past week.

  • Weekly Food advice

  • Weekly weigh In 

  • Weekly exercise programme.


Tai Chi movement Class 

  • uses aspects of Tai Chi to help with co-ordination as you rock.

  • moves adapted to the rocking motion of the boards.

  • They stimulate the brain so that it encourages you to use your non dominant side as well. 

  • The grace and flow go well with the board.


if you are interested please contact Charlie

Brain and Balance 

  • learn techniques to switch on your brain through everyday movements

  • integrate movement and balance with coordination

  • Fun exercises that will include everyday equipment you may have around the home

  • Emphasis on focus, concentration, and memory through movement  


if you are interested please contact Charlie

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