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How Can I Be Fit Over 50?

Updated: May 10

Before writing this article I thought I'd Google exactly this health and fitness question.

The answer was depressing.

Here is some of the first information I found:-

As I was over 50 I needed "routine screenings", especially important for over 50s to "catch a health risk before it becomes a problem".

We need aerobic exercise when over 50

The next part of this article was about aerobic exercise, which as a personal trainer is probably my number one!

So what did this article say about fitness?

We need to 2.5 hours per week or an average of 22 minutes each day of aerobic exercise that means we're working at a level that makes us slightly breathless. But, this was the exciting bit, be aware of excessive aerobic activity as we have to "worry about our cortisol levels".

While I agree we have to ensure we stay fit and healthy as we age- BUT - we are only 50!

I'm Not Ready For Chair Exercises For Older Seniors

For those of us between 50 and 64 years of age there seems to be two options, either noisy, dark and dim fitness gyms or blood tests and pills from the doctor.

One client, a 60 something-year-old lady was so pleased to find 50 Plus Fitness as all she could find were chair exercises online and daytime groups for the over 65's.

Why I'm A Personal Trainer in Christchurch

One of the reasons I became a personal trainer was to help me stay fit.

My doctor prescribed cholesterol and blood pressure medications - although, he did comment a workout was akin to taking a pill. You guessed right, I chose the workout for my blood pressure and for the cholesterol I changed my diet.

Also being Maori descent and also having bad family history, my fitness regime is also now, getting my fellow 50 Plus clients moving.

Are We Taking Too Much Medication?

We need to be aware of what is happening inside our bodies but Buchbinder & Harris (2021) says we are now over diagnosed and overmedicated due to excessive screening and testing, discovering body changes because we are over 50. But, are these body changes natural ageing and are they serious enough for medication and more tests and examinations?

Over 50? - Exchange Pills for Physical Activity at my Private Gym

Perhaps many of the changes as we get older may seem negative, but I believe can be helped with diet and lifestyle. Particularly in the first instance. Let's try moving more and eat for health, in moderation of course - as I do like raspberry jam on my rice crackers!

How Much Exercise Do We To Keep Us Fit?

As for prescribing 22 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. I think that prescription should be more, more, movement. We need to move more if we want to get fit at 50 years of age.

Add this movement prescription:

- less sitting down,

- more active pastimes,

- stand-up desk at work,

- a walk at lunchtime,

- ride your bike,

- or walk to work etc.

I'm Feeling Fabulous and Medication Free

Fitness Coach in Christchurch and Online New Zealand & Australia

I would like to be your fitness coach, advise you not only on exercise, movement but how to live a healthy life that I've adopted over many years.

As a NZQA personal trainer I have a private gym for over 50's in Christchurch, Riccarton. So the gym is close to the city and Hagley Park where I can show you how to get fit over 50. Don't worry, even if you have never been to a personal trainer before I can support your goals whether it's be able to play with your grandchildren or get back into hiking the hills.

Get in touch with me to plan, nag and support you to be fabulously fit over 50.

See You Soon!

Reference :

Rachelle Buchbinder and Ian Harris 2021 - Hippocrasy -"How doctors are betraying their oath"

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