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Chats with Charlie to be fit at 50

Personal Trainer talks about health and fitness

How To Eat And Move For Fitness Over 50.

It's interesting to think about growing up as a child, as children we had smaller plates, so we ate less than mum.


Of course, dad had both a bigger plate, and a bigger piece of meat and a fuller plate than anyone else.


That seems logical, bigger person, bigger meal.

Eating STEAK!

Fast forward to my 20s and 30s, plate size probably as the video shows. It's that time in our lives where we can eat big platefuls as we generally burn up the calories of the food we ingest.


Unfortunately many people over 50 are eating as if they were still in their 20s, but lead a more sedentary lifestyle.


We generally also move a bit slower as we are hopefully, a bit more chilled about life in general.

What plate size are you!

Get Help And Support From A Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer here in Christchurch it's great to see so many people out exercising to burn off the calories that we eat. However, we are over 50, we just don't move as fast as we did when we were younger and also our metabolic rate (the rate we burn up calories) is lower.


In the "change of life" the hormones of both men and women change. This causes our bodies to take on a different shape; making it easy for the amount of body fat we have to increase. Unfortunately this tends to be visceral fat, the unhealthy fat that causes illness and disease.

Change Body Composition Not Just Weight Loss

If you want to learn more about eating and lifestyle to be healthy and make changes check out my 'lifestyle weight loss', where I educate, advise and as a fitness coach help you make permanent changes. Permanent changes you can live with to have a healthy 70s, 80s and now we must plan for our 90s. 

Improve Flexibility And Increase Natural Mobility Over 50

Flexibility and more mobility in 'the bottom half' of our body is important. One of the main reasons is because our feet, legs and knees together with our hips need to be kept, I call it "switched on" and ready for action.


When we turn quickly, trip on something or we need to twist to pick something up it's important to have flexibility and mobility in all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the whole area of the lower body.

Flexible You

This is where a fitness instructor like myself can help, I can work face-to-face with you in Christchurch or we can catch up online.


It's important for most people to have a trainer of a similar age because they will understand our body much more and ensure that the exercise and movement that is advised is done in a professional and incremental way.

Active Living

Too Much Sitting Is Unhealthy

This last point is very important especially for those people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer so in this case whole body flexibility and mobility is important to prevent aches and pains that can develop into chronic pain if we add stress into the mix.

Join Charlie Today For More, More, More Movement!

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