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Exercise Coach Christchurch


Hi, Charlie here,

As an Exercise Coach, my philosophy is simple,  the best way to lead a healthy life is to move.


Just the simple act of being physically active is a step towards making a difference.

Therefore "Movement For Health" is my catch phrases or motto, in this world of technology we tend to be stuck in front of computers, phones and iPads/ Tablets. Not so good for our posture as we are becoming more sedentary, and with that comes the rush of health issues like Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and many more. 

I'm of Maori/Chinese descent, unfortunately we don't have a say as to what genes we would like. As with many people our cultural background and community has a huge influence on how we grow up, they then shaped our behaviours and lifestyle.

My Whanau have had there fair share of illnesses through the years and I am not immune to the same health issues myself, but I have the choice like many people, to make these changes and live a healthier lifestyle and this has to start with being more active.

  • In my 40's I noticed my upper arms and shoulder muscles seemed to be getting smaller

  • My gut getting larger, even though I eat fairly healthy and love to go for long cycle rides.

Exercise does not have to be serious just regular.

I've been involved with the health and wellness industry for many years as my wife is a kinesiologist and naturopath. 

Over the years I have tried many diets (ways to eat), many herbal, mineral and vitamin supplements learning much about my body and ways of staying healthy without any medication and I've learnt to cook smaller, healthy meals.

Now we have moved from Perth to beautiful Christchurch I'm working alongside my wife in our Pain, Anxiety and Stress Clinic in Riccarton.

Start moving with me today

I want to work with each of you to improve your strength, flexibility and fitness, taking into account the need for functional movement, and good posture to keep you in shape being able to have a great life for the next 20 years (or even 30 years)

Look forward to hearing from you soon