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Fitness for Better Health

Fitness is a key component to a Healthy Lifestyle

First part of the plan   -  measurements and self-tests below, choose the level for you. 

Second part of the plan - ready to get going, Book a One On One session now.  

Third part of your plan - START MOVING!!!!  (we can keep in contact by phone, Zoom or FaceTime )
or simply 


Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise programme

Let's get started with some measurements

- get your pencil, tape measure, scales, stopwatch and YOU

Taking your pulse rate on wrist.jpg

Monitoring your heart rate

As a personal trainer in Christchurch for clients over 50, I find it beneficial for you to know what your heart rate is at various points of your exercise routine.

This gives a measure of how hard your heart is working. 

Measure your pulse as shown in the photos, counting for one minute

Measure your height and your weight - record these

Calculate BMI = weight in kgs divided by (height x height)

Flexibility measure - touching your toes

Sit on the floor, reach out to touch your toes 

Measure the over-reach or for many of us the under-reach

Measure your waist and hips, divide waist by hip to get waist ratio.

Fitness test time - choose your level

Stand and Sit Fitness Test

This test was carried out in the UK as a method of assessing how fit you are for your age group!!! Simple but effective.

Using a chair, start in the seated position. You can time yourself or have a friend time you, the aim is to stand and sit 10 times and see how long it takes.

Star Jumps to test your fitness

Listen to the videos a couple of times

Choose your level 

Do the level that's right for you for one minute. Then sit down and measure your pulse as explained above.

The Sit and Reach Test  - checking out your flexibility


Remove shoes before doing this test

Sit with your legs straight and feet touching the wall ( the wall is point zero).

Lean forward as far as you can go, if you can touch the wall easily then you will need to move back away from the wall (a measured distance).

You can use a ruler to measure the distance to the wall (under reach) most of us are in this category.

If you can reach past your feet then you can measure from the wall to your feet (over reach).

Sit and Reach Test.jpg
Measure distance to the wall.jpg
Reach to touch the wall.jpg
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