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Welcome to 50 Plus Fitness Christchurch 

Relocated to 5/11 Ayr St, Riccarton


Don't let age be a barrier to fitness, there is a need to keep physically active. The benefits we get are improved brain health, reduce the risk of disease, increased strength, improved flexibility plus more energy and pain free joints together with preventing lifestyle diseases.

Join Charlie's anti-ageing process, getting fit, having fun and working at your own 'Goldilocks Pace' not too hard, not too soft but just right for you!

He is a Personal Trainer Christchurch which is a privately run Fitness Studio/Gym

Fitness as we Age

Personal trainer and fitness coach.jpeg

Health and Fitness Coach

Help, advice and support for those of us that can be described as 'fit over 50's'. As I mature person I enjoy being a personal trainer involved with those wishing to improve health, keep fit and flexible at that important time of their life.

Weight Loss Over 50

Life Changing Weight Loss, guided and supported by Charlie. Choose between individual help or group classes. Gain knowledge to make informed lifestyle changes and enjoy getting moving again to feel happy and confident with who you are.

Small group training

50's Fitness Class

Work out with like minded people who want to improve their fitness. Workout under the supervision of a personal trainer. Class sizes are small and friendly.

If you are thinking about getting back into fitness then come along to one of the classes and join into the fun.

Weight Loss Essentials

Weight Loss

This is different as it also includes physical movement. No fancy diets in this programme, or calorie restricting and quick weight loss numbers as we know it does not work. Learn ways to manage how you eat and the sensible ways to control your food.

Mens Health and Personal Training

Mens Health

Move more to fight those ageing health problems. Unfortunately men have this notion that everything is ok, but most times its about sharing experiences. Exercise is one way of bonding and sharing your thought and concerns.

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