Mens Health

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Well Guys, its time to get off the couch!!!

Come to Charlie's Studio

Personal Trainer to ensure correct movement with exercises

After 30 years of age you begin to loose muscle mass and body fat increases hence the expression of:-

" Muscle turns to Fat"

It's vital to your future to work all muscles of your body. Our advantage is we are NOT using static machines that are used at most gyms.

Strength training is available in an individual session, but can also incorporate exercise for stamina and endurance as you can see on the other mens pages.

Man Fishing
Man Hiking in Wilderness

Enjoy the next 20 years

Do you want to be the next one to invite your mates to your funeral?


Keep fishing and shooting for years, years.........

Time to rediscover your lost muscles!!!

free weights

Get Moving for Weight Loss

Healthy Habits

Do you really want to be the jolly fat fella?

Look after the Body you have

  • Are you walking, nay, waddling towards ill-health?

  • Are you sitting down all day and evening?

Engine Mechanic
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Yep, you can replace parts like knees and hips but  replacements are expensive, painful and have a limited time warranty!

The Answer is to Get Moving

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You already have a start with strong bones & strong muscles from everyday carrying your extra kilograms of fat.


Charlie can train & support you with

  • how much to train

  • what to eat

  • how to bring more movement into your life