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Strength for Men

free weights

Time to rediscover your lost muscles!!!

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After 30 years of age you begin to loose muscle mass and body fat increases hence the expression of:-

" Muscle turns to Fat"

It's vital to your future to work all muscles of your body. Our advantage is we are NOT using static machines that are used at most gyms.

Strength training is available in an individual session, but can also incorporate exercise for stamina and endurance as you can see on the other mens pages.

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Call Personal Trainer

Charlie 021 083 08104 to

re-engineer your muscles


Flys on a rockit board 2.jpg
Flys on a Rockit Board.jpg

Rock-it Men

The Amazing Rock-it Boards for the Guys

Flys on a rockit board 4.jpg

Rebuild your core muscle strength and upper body muscles.

The workout can be at your level, your pace and increase to 'challenge' level within each class.

A sense of humour helps when you start as it took me some time to get to those positions in the pictures. As I'm a bit over 50 myself!

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side weights.jpeg
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