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Circuit Training for Men over 50

At our studio in Mandeville Street in Riccarton we give you a circuit training workout, different exercises at each station, compound exercises that work all muscles of your body.

We use free weights, body balance - sorry no machines to

hold you in place an only target one muscle at a time.


We believe you need functional exercise to keep you well, healthy, drug-free and have a healthy, fun 30 or 40 years!



No Excuses Exercise - Start Today

  • Each visit only 45 minutes, so time to fit into your day

  • Personal trainer onsite to help, guide and educate about movement for health

  • Research designed training to build muscle, reduce body fat

  • Friendly, relaxed, private studio

  • Health screening on first visit to ensure safe training

  • You will set your own aims to improve your health and movement


Join Charlie's
Movement  for Health

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