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Weight Loss for Men Christchurch

Is your present attitude to ignore your health?

That may be O.K for now; 

  • Just take a few pills from the doctor

  •  Pretend to listen to all the healthy advice everyone is giving you.

BUT Nah! not going to change what I eat, take up exercise or take a drink free day!

Is it time to stop ignoring what's directly in front of you? That Belly!

Sleek and Lean car?                            Or Tubby Tree?

Obesity talk photo

Unfortunately like this old tree us guys put a LOT of weight on as we age.

If you DON'T change, your life will change for you, you'll have

  • high blood pressure causing heart attacks and probably worse strokes (not a good look)

  • diabetes that sends you blind, looses limbs as your feet go black and kidney failure

Drugs and medicine can relieve the symptoms, only you can stop the progression of lifestyle diseases that make your final 10-15 years not the fun and freedom you have now.

Losing weight is not easy but is essential to your health and wellbeing. Being overweight or having too much fat within your body is not how we are designed to be; "diseases" such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and growth in mental illnesses.

All of these are preventable and can be changed by YOU!

Friends Drinking Beer
Healthy Habits

Stop Fatty Liver! 
Fat is not supposed to be in your heart and other organs

Losing weight can actually make you fatter, if you don't take the right approach.

Two men both 80kgs had the same weight and body fat, 80kgs and 23.6% when they started their new health regime. Each lost a total of 7 kgs so they both now weigh 73kg (lucky guys, must be under 50?)

  • Man A - just cut number of calories, but body fat increased by 2.1%. - he's FATTER!

  • Man B - cut calories with an exercise programme, his body fat dropped by 7%

Click here to find out more to get started

Comments from Mark's Industrial Warehouse Workers Health Training

Mark  -  Thought I was eating well, but lacked knowledge

Learnt - Portion size and timing of food

Chris  -  Awareness of eating comfort food

Learnt - Needed to be aware of needing comfort food, and it is addictive

Danny - Iced coffee gone and it also matched with cigarettes

Learnt - Just a weekend treat instead of everyday

Dave.  - Eat well for 4 -6 weeks and increase visits to gym

Learnt - Eat too late due to gym, so more gym at weekends

Tony   - Increase awareness 

Learnt - After 4pm quite hungry, so beware of this

This was a fitness programme run in Perth to help employees improve their lifestyle by, committing you help each other eat healthy at work, the whole Warehouse participated from Management downwards. 

But you can phone me, Charlie

021 083 08104 to

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