Life Changing Weight Loss

12 week weight loss programme for people wanting to change their life. 

 Client Testimonial 

Since I have completed the 12 week course I would very highly recommend anyone wanting to put new changes in their life, to move more freely, even get that old smile back. Charlie is the best medicine for that. - Michelle L

Maybe you're: ​

  • someone who has tried every diet that's around and its never worked

  • Worried that you would lose your independence 

  • Overweight and nee to lose weight for health reasons

  • constantly feeling tired, exhausted and your joints and muscles ache

Small Steps to Big Changes

Hi I'm Charlie

I can help you

I'm of Maori/Chinese descent, unfortunately we don't have a say as to what genes we would like. As with many people our cultural background and community has a huge influence on how we grow up, they then shaped our behaviours and lifestyle.

My Whanau have had there fair share of illnesses through the years and I am not immune to the same health issues myself, but I have the choice like many people, to make these changes and live a healthier lifestyle and this has to start with being more active.

I've been involved with the health and wellness industry for many years as my wife is a kinesiologist and naturopath. 

Over the years I have tried many diets (ways to eat), many herbal, mineral and vitamin supplements learning much about my body and ways of staying healthy without any medication and I've learnt to cook smaller, healthy meals.

Fitness Trainer - Christchurch.png

"It is better to take small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backwards." .... Old Chinese proverb

What do you get........

We have created a 12 week, programme to educate, provide fundamental advice and support to change your body composition.

  • With weekly face to face catchups.

  • Discuss any difficulties encountered over the past week.

  • Food Journal Plan to keep you on track with your eating

  • Weekly weigh In - measure Body Composition (key to understanding your weight loss)

  • Weekly exercise programme which you continue at home

  • Private One on One time.

  • Personal email support - any concerns or questions you may have regarding the exercise program or any concerns you may need


Pay as little a $30 per week for a minimum of 12 weeks in advance.