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Rock-it Board Tuff

Good  workout for multiple muscle groups.


Squat to Over head press on the inverted side

Squat with weight.jpeg
side weights.jpeg

"This is so relaxing, I noticed that it works my leg muscles and makes me stand up straight": Isabella


Flexibility is an important aspect of your health. Tight muscles can cause problems all over your body.

  • Can you touch your toes?

  • As you become older your muscles will lose strength and size and become stiff and less agile.

  • Stretching at least two to three days per week will help you become more flexible.


Good coordination can enhance your ability in everyday activities. Prevent injuries and help you stay more effective as you age.


The standard metrics of cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility all matter, it pays to focus some attention on how you coordinate movement.

‘After two of Charlie's Rock-it Board classes I’ve found my balance had improved by my 2nd class. Looking forward to continued improvement in balance and core strength.’


Squat with weight.jpeg

Strength training can benefit everyone.

  • increases bone density

  • reduces the risk of fractures 

  • helps joints stay flexible

  • makes you stronger and fitter


"I suffer from lower back problems, and by rocking on the board it feels soothing, and relaxing. Nothing like I thought it would do." :  Dennis


One form of proprioceptive exercise is balance training. 

Improving your balance has shown a lot of promise in being able to prevent injuries for a wide range of people. ...

‘I was super surprised at how quickly the balance came. I love the low impact workout for thighs, butt and core. Charlie combines Tai Chi movements which gives the class a lovely flow. Highly recommended’


Small class size of 8 people maximum

Boards provided

During the course of 8 weeks you will learn techniques to improve your balance and coordination.

Balance is essential at all ages and more so as we get older. The rock-it board is a low impact and fun way of helping to improve your balance, core strength, lower body muscle groups, and flexibility.

You will be amazed how soothing the rocking motion can be and you'll feel your muscles working without building up a sweat, but still have the opportunity to challenge yourself using light weights, resistance bands, practice yoga poses, and experiencing Tai Chi movements to help with the rhythmic movement of the board..


And best of all we'll have fun getting fit.

 Classes 8 weeks for $120

Class Description

Rockit Tuff -  Working out with a difference, the challenge is to move on an unstable platform while maintaining correct form and posture. Imagine working with free weights and resistance bands at the gym, now transpose those exercises to the Rock-it Board. We have now transformed these movements into compound movements which is using multiple muscle groups at the same time. Ideally suited for those who want a bit more of a workout with the Rockit Board while still remaining low impact. 

Tai Chi movement Class - By Popular demand  This class uses aspects of Tai Chi to help with co-ordination as you rock. These moves do not follow any specific form pattern as not all forms can be adapted to the rocking motion of the boards. These classes are about rocking and being able to challenge both your balance and coordination. They make you think and concentrate.

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