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Brain and Balance Class

This Class is all about switching on our brain through movement.

As you know our brain is made up of two hemispheres, the left side is analytical and the right side is creative. So how does that affect our everyday lives.

The left side operates the right side of our body and the right side operates the left side, its amazing how much the brain does.

So to get full use of the brain when we exercise we need to be able to switch on both sides, and this is done with contralateral movements.

A simple example is what we do everyday - "Walking" that involves swinging arms and legs.

Remember trying to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same-time, it can be challenging and confusing, how about rotating one arm forward and the other one backwards.

These all require the brain to switch on.

So in this class we will be doing exercises similar to those and learning ways to help switch on the brain.

Why not join me, we can have fun along the way


New Class: Starts 1 April at 9.30am


Listening to my clients over the past year I have learnt that many people over 50 years of age are concerned not just about balance, health and fitness but also how well their brain is functioning. Or should I say their "brain fitness"!


With experience of using brain gym and a range of contralateral movements I thought what if I actually did a course, a fitness course for the brain, or should I say for your brain.


He's a story that Jean told me. At the time she was teaching brain gym to primary school teachers in Western Australia, she would teach the collection of 38 brain gym movements, or we could say exercises that teachers would then do with their children in school. 


The story went like this. One of the teachers was working with younger children and thought it would be useful to do brain gym three times a day. It turned out to be a great idea; the children in her class progressed in all areas of learning physical, mentally and academically more rapidly than others in the school. Okay you may say, but here's the rub, she herself changed immensely physically and mentally, having more energy, more concentration, more creativity and a tremendous improvement in her memory and recall.


Would you like all of the above improvements too in addition to improved balance?

Over 50 we need to improve balance and more particularly the speed of our reflexes system its time to sign up to  my new class "Brain and Balance"


Every week you will have crazy fun doing different unique movements to improve your brain. 


No online puzzles "training your brain", just my philosophy "movement for health". 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to integrate your brain in a fun way

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