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Kinesiology Sessions for Health and Fitness

Kinesiology now available at 50 Plus Fitness in Christchurch 

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that can treat physical, emotional, mental and neurological problems, creating change in your health and wellness. It's a natural drug-free therapy that many of us are looking for, being reluctant to reach for pills and medication that don't address the cause of our illness or poor health. Kinesiology treatment gives you options to both educate and learn about what is not optimal in your body. 

Not sure if Kinesiology Therapy is for you?

Kinesiology is different fro everyone - which it should be as we are all unique with different experiences, thoughts and bodies. I say this because kinesiology is a holistic mind-body therapy treating physical and mental aspects of health and wellness. Because of this it becomes difficult to inform or describe what happens if you visit any kinesiologist in Christchurch or elsewhere.

Perhaps, the best way to find out more is to book a session with Jean the kinesiologist at 50 Plus Fitness.

But, if you're reluctant to take this step or would like to read more here are a couple of options on Jean's personal page.


This article discusses how we get feel 'stuck' and being unable to make changes in your life and how kinesiology helps you get 'unstuck'  - click here


This article describes finding the best way to treat your pain, emotions or stressors by setting learn gin how to describe the problems that drove you to make a booking with Jean. Then ensuring you want to get out from spending time with a kinesiology therapist. - click here

Options for Kinesiology Treatment

During treatment you can expect self-education, discovering what you can do and learn to listen and understand your body. As Jean is also a naturopath he may have ideas and strategies for you to take home to improve treatment outcomes.

Option One.

As Jean has a consulting room in the fitness studio you can book to see her independently without being a member of 50 Plus Fitness.You can book online here. If you need an online booking could you also send an email to Jean so she can organise the zoom link.

Option Two

You may like to integrate kinesiology sessions with you fitness program that you do with Charlie the personal trainer at the studio in Christchurch or online. This can be of real benefit and help you reach your goals sooner by working with two professionals who would have the ability to align treatment in an interdisciplinary clinic. Book online today

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