Women's Group Workout

Such a fun session where I can work at my own level

This woman's group workout is a fun session, a great place to meet like minded women who know the value of being healthy and mobile.

Come along and make friends. The exercises will help with everyday movement, give you some flexibility, balance, strength and a bit of cardio.

The benefits of exercise effectively supports and help improve your health:

  • promotes better sleep

  • boost energy

  • burn extra calories

  • reduce stress

  • control weight

  • tones and firms muscles

  • improves mood

  • helps lower blood pressure


 Group Circuit Workout

This group workout lets you work at your level of intensity, A fun group that uses separate stations for your exercises.

A good variety of exercises you can do, and so much fun

 Group Circuit Workouts are on a continuous timetable

1 Month


Paid in Advance

Allows you to attend either the Tuesday or Thursday 


Both days

Join Anytime