Circuit Training for Men - Riccarton Studio

Each mat has a different exercise

CIRCUIT Group Training

Come and join 'the lads' 

A fun and functional class using body weight and free weights (no fixed machines). The class involves compound (whole body) exercises designed to build muscle and reduce fat to keep you healthy and drug-free as you age. Charlie, your personal trainer, is there to guide you through the exercises in a fun, relaxed, studio environment. 

  • Get muscles warmed up

  • Circulation pumping

  • Get some MANTIME!

  • catch up with a cuppa afterwards

Come on your own, you'll get a warm welcome

Cost : $7

Session Times (45 minutes)

Tues,Thurs  -  11am 

Saturday     -  11am

Goblet Squat
The Plank
The blaster.jpeg
Blow out the Cob Webs
The Dead Bug and the Squat