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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Essentials
Emma's Story - weight loss and fitness journey
Emma (57) came to me looking to improve her strength and overall fitness, plus loose a few extra kilos.
She had a goal of getting back into playing tennis as her last game left her feeling sore all over. We began by testing her fitness level and taking those base measurements.
A training programme was written up for the 6 week plan.
Emma trained three times per week (two sessions were in my studio) I could check on her technique and ensure everything she was doing was correct, it also gave her time to ask questions about her training.
Emma's goal was to lose at least 3 kg in 6 weeks (Total weight loss was 5.8kg)
Sleeping pattern, energy levels, strength and stamina all improved.
When you train with me, there is no judging your appearance,  I have a private area
within our clinic so you are not training in front of anyone else.
Tailor made personal programmes designed to suit your requirements.

Get started today!

Firstly, book  an appointment with Charlie.

Secondly, lets plan how we can achieve your goals.

Thirdly, put the plan into action.

Call 021 083 08104  or message Charlie 

Weight Issues

What is happening to many of us, why are we having such drastic weight problems.

How can we find a way to decrease the influence of how much we weigh and what size clothes we wear, so we can be happy with ourselves.

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