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Stroke Rehabilitation

As a Personal Trainer I was fortunate to have the opportunity to give a talk to a Stroke Support Group in Christchurch in September 2019.

From that moment I had this sense of  "a calling," A place where I could do something to really help people who have experienced a stroke. Since that time I have been assisting with physiotherapy sessions in Christchurch and Rangiaora. 
So starting in Jan 2020 I plan to have training sessions specifically for stroke rehabilitation  offering private 1 on 1 sessions for people who have the ability to stand, putting together a specific plan for your disability, challenges and to regain your independence.

Stroke Rehab

Rockit Board -Stroke.jpg
Fig eight - Stroke.jpg

Ankle exercises with Rockit Board in a seated position

I offer a mobile service to help Stroke Survivors with mobility issues.
It can range from simple co - ordination exercises to functional range of movement.
Sessions will be individually designed for each person, as all peoples needs and abilities are different.

Sessions can be arranged by contacting me by phone.

Getting Up Off The Floor

Has there been a time when you or a friend/family member has had a problem getting up from the floor. Have a look at the video and see if it can help you.
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