Stress Less in 8 Weeks

Join a small group to really put stress in it's place - out of your life!
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Find out what you can do to reduce anxiety, lower your "base level" so when stuff happens you don't explode.

If you are heading for burnout this course is a MUST DO!

Lazy Morning

Some of these may resonate with you:-

  • how do I get rid of stuck, or repetitive thoughts?

  • how do I stop my mind from racing?

  • how do I stop overthinking everything?

  • how can I reduce stress at work?

  • how do I relieve stress headaches?

  • What is the best way to relieve stress?

  • Why am I so tense?

I'm sure you can add more to the list...............

Early bird till 18 May

This course will be interactive and inclusive as you will learn techniques to take home that you can use for the rest of your life.


 The stories Jean will share with you of lives changed are both amazing and sad but always with something you can learn.

Jean, who runs the course has been treating stress, anxiety and pain successfully for over 15 years. She definitely qualifies as the 'wise old woman', not just in years but in experience of working with anxious and stressed people on a daily basis.

Jean is a energy Kinesiologist, a Naturopath and trained yoga teacher - bringing all her knowledge and expertise to you. She also has a scientific background to bring logical and understandable explanations.

Course Cost is $160, Save Early Bird $120

Date of Course - 25 May 2021

Choice of times: - 9.30am   or 12.15pm