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Rock-it Board Tuff

Boost your fitness

Imagine the gym workout while rocking! 

Losing muscle definition and strength?

Working out on unstable platform - challenge your muscles 

Maintain correct form and posture, imagine working with free weights at the gym, now transpose these exercises to the rock-it board (unstable platform) and it now becomes a compound movement exercise.


Winter workout time - Indoors and Rocking Fit

Weekly training; Small classes; Private studio; Increase fitness level for spring

This type of exercise and training in unique in Christchurch. Tone and strengthen all muscles of your body, body weight holistic workout. Burn calories and build core, especially, abs, gluts and obliques.

Squat with weight.jpeg

Recovery from Injury - mobilise joints, ligaments and muscles

Runners, cyclist, basketball, netball, rugby  -  we can help all of you!

Our rock-it boards return you to your best fitness, great to strengthen ligaments and increase their flexibility, tuff workout but low impact so easy on joints, such as ankles and knees.

Learn how to get really fit or recover faster from injury - then buy your own board to workout at home
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