Rock-it Board Classes

Rock your way to fitness

Gentle, Effective and Fun 

Rock-it boards promote dynamic, rhythmic movement for all ages. Low impact exercise that is achievable for almost anyone. Take it gently or push to your limits.


"This is soo relaxing, I noticed that it works my leg muscles and makes me stand up straight": Isabella

"I suffer from lower back problems, and by rocking on the board it feels soothing, and relaxing. Nothing like I thought it would do." :  Dennis


These exercises effectively supports and builds:

  • Core Strength 

  • Balance and Co-ordination

  • Flexibility

  • Joint movement

  • Mobility and Rehabilitation

  • Good Posture

  • Helps with lower back pain

More Information on Rock-it Board Classes

Balance and Co-ordination

These amazing and dynamic boards, are New Zealand made will bring fun and laughter back into your exercise routine. I use the Super Moon and Office Rockit in my clinic. (Pictured)  
The Super Moon board is very robust and is the most popular and versatile board for adults and adolescents - weight limits as a rocking board 160kg, weight limit inverted 140kg.     
The Rockit Office is purpose built for your workspace, perfect for a standing desk, providing motion while you work - weight limit as a rocking  board 180 kg, weight limit inverted 150 kg.   

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